Austin, Texas Got Snow, Finally.

So Dallas, Copperas Cove, Bryan... Shreveport, LA, all of Arkansas... all got snow this year, and we only had one measly day of barely flakes.  I have been bitter, as you may remember.

Until now! 

I woke up this morning to Eirik yelling "Guys! Guys! Look outside!  It's snowing!  The flakes are so big they look like feathers!"  I ran downstairs; Lennon rolled over.  When I got outside, I saw this glorious scene:

Good gracious, there was a lot of snow, and it was sticking!  I had an 11 o'clock meeting I did not want to drive to, and lucky for me it was canceled.  Unlucky for me, AISD was not.  So I got dressed and ready to go outside and take pictures!  Warmth may not have been my ultimate goal in this outfit, but amazingly, I wasn't cold  It might have been that I was wearing three shirts and a sweater.

Skirt: Fossil
Knee socks: Target
Boots: Hunter
Oxford shirt: J. Crew (I'm wearing two shirts under it, so I was well layered).
Cardigan: Land's End
Locket: Grandma's
Scarf: Grandma's

I took a video when I first went outside, because I was that excited.  You can tell by Eirik's face that he was equally in glee.  And I ended up being right about not going to work - all after school activities were later canceled.  Now I get to sit here and do weekly numbers reports in my jammie pants, (my favorite work attire).

Eirik went back outside and took his own video.  At first it made me want to fall asleep because it's quite peaceful, but then he starts to talk, and peace is replaced by laughing at him :)

Big Poppa E takes on the Austin snow:

And then we had to take more pictures, because that's what you do when you've almost forgotten what snow looks and feels like.

I look like an elf.  Visiting a gnome, (they had the beards, right?).

Bella looks wistfully towards the door, thinking we are insane.  Lennon enjoys buying hats that emphasize his ears.  I like forced couple pictures in various elements.  Next: hurricane.

Now Bella is just looking ticked.  

Ok, maybe it's actually cold out here.  So let's walk to Which Wich.  (Which we did).  

The End.