Boa Constrictors & Pumas

I really wanted to wear my new/thrifted (threw) pink pumas from Buffalo Exchange today, so I pulled everything pink out of my wardrobe I saw.  It was also freezing, but I hate wearing coats because I feel immobilized in stiff wool and thick sleeves that don't bend at the elbow.  So I forgo them.

I don't know how to pose for photos, so I pretend I'm sassy, then hit Lennon for laughing at me.

Sun Dress: Target
Purple Tank: Express
Jeans: Citizens
Hoodie: Fossil
Shoes: Pumas from Buffalo Exchange
Scarf: gift from one of my all-time favorite girls, Julia

This outfit didn't get completed until after I got to work, though:

That would be Monty, as in Monty Python around my neck, (and yes, I'm holding him like that because I'm freaked the *!#&@ out and scared he'll mistake my fingers for skinny rodents - which was totally unfair because he was quite the gentleman.)  What'd you do at work today?  I can't say teaching English or waitressing at Bennigans ever gave me the opportunity to be a snake handler.

Emily, our Green Teens sponsor from Keep Austin Beautiful brought in Monty the python, Sharpie the tree python, and The Don the tree frog to visit our kids today.  Friendships were instantly made. 

Sharpie was not so friendly, but The Don certainly was.  Any guy with bulbous, suction cup fingers, a contented smile and a pink underbelly is OK in my book.