Fashion Freakout 3 at Mohawk Austin

Growing into a full convert of the vintage gospel, there was no way I was going to miss the Fashion Freakout at Mohawk on Friday night.  My time savvy companions got us there early, (I'm always late to things), and we were able to snare front and center vantage points for the entire show.  The clothes were all from local Austin vintage stores: Buffalo Exchange, Prototype Vintage, and New Bohemia.  I just blew my birthday money in Buffalo Exchange today, (and of course - show and tell to come), and I'll need to check out the other places in Austin soon.  

I took a lot of pictures at the show, enough to make me consider getting an upgraded Flicker account.  Until then, I've decided to first sort through my photos by showing off some of my favorite trends depicted on the runway.

Poofy skirts:

Sparkly legs:



Re-Vamped 1960's



Short Skirts

Other common themes on the runway: 
  • fringe
  • hot pants
  • sequins
  • cowboys
  • capes for men
  • bodices
  • lace (also on men!)
  • platform heels
  • butt cheeks (I saw a lot)
  • being stick thin - this means all the clothes in my size are still on the racks!
Pretty much guaranteed this girl and I will never fight over a pair of slacks, (although I think I could take her):


Now, since it's time for bed, here is a smattering of the looks from the evening, and if there's anything you'd like to see bigger, feel free to send an email request my way.  

And maybe I'm too simple and too girly, as a lot of the styles were very loud and layered, but this was my favorite outfit of the night:

I love the swirly, sparkly skirt with a sheer blouse.  A lot of the clothes seemed to invoke 80's Madonna meets Riot Grrrl, and while I appreciate the music of both, my style aesthetic tends toward the sweet.  Regardless, it was a fun show, and after my toes thawed out, I felt very lucky to have been there!  As much as I love Little Rock, I can't imagine them ever doing a vintage fashion show like this.  It's good to be in Austin.

Oh, and if you don't believe me yet when I say we had a great spot, see below, (also note my awesome skills with MS Paint):