Good & Bad News

I got this wonderful Valentine in the mail last week from Sam!  It was so cute and had such a sweet note that I had to share.  It's now on my bulletin board over my computer and it reminds me why I love the blogging community.

In more good news, I also found these last weekend at Buffalo Exchange:

I haven't owned cowboy boots since I lived in Texas in the third grade, so I felt weird trying them on and walking around the store with my blue jeans rolled up.  At first I decided against them, but when I went to re-shelve them, I just couldn't do it, so they came home with me.  They were $25.50, and at the register the clerk told me they were really nice, nailed in (??) boots (tags still on!) and should have been priced higher.  Score!

So when I wore them I felt like this:

Although I tried to tone it down to be in public:

Boots: from Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: free from Beauty Bar Clothing Swap
Beatles shirt: from a boutique in Little Rock
Long sleeve tee: J. Crew
Cardigan: Gap
Butterfly necklace: Dallas Buffalo Exchange 50% off

The sad news is that my great-grandmother died yesterday at 94 years old in Prescott, Arkansas.  But I don't know if this is really sad, because 94 is quite stellar, and she had a great, healthy run.  I hope I make it that far!  Sadly we don't share a gene pool as she's my step-great-grandmother, but I didn't even know that till college. 

So as soon as I hit publish, I'm headed to HEB for pumpkin seeds, work to finish up my time sheets for the week, and then hitting the road for an eight hour drive to Little Rock.  I probably won't get in until midnight - my high school curfew when I lived with my grandmother (great-grandma's step-daughter) my sophomore year. 

There's no wireless there, and I'll be busy with family, so I apologize if I don't visit or comment on blogs for a few days.  But I'll be back this weekend and hope you all enjoy the same sunshine I'm seeing right now!