Home Again Home Again, Dancing a Jig

After many hours of driving, seeing lots of family, mourning a legacy, seeing familiar faces and corners of the globe, I'm home in Austin, and I do love this city.  While Little Rock may be my harbor, Austin is certainly a place I wake up every day glad to have moored in.  It's also nice to be home with my puppy and my boy, although I'm not so excited to see my tiny, shared closet.

...And by shared, I mean I have the top shelf, 3/4'ths of the hanging bar, and all of the floor space except for an egg crate, where I have banished Lennon's shoes - someone please cut us a deal on a bigger apartment with walk in closets.

I picked up this cabbage rose skirt while I was gone, and came home to see another blogger wearing it, and in a much cuter manner than I am!  While I look sloppy in comparison, (I was on a car trip, I hope for some leeway), I have loved Kristin's style since I first stumbled upon her blog, so I'll take it as a good sign that I purchased a shared piece.     

My dad and step-mom spoiled me with food and frozen yogurt today in Copperas Cove, and then I rushed home to get to ride bikes with Lennon in the beautifully warm weather before the sun disappeared.  Now our window is open, the fan is on, and cool air is coming through the closed blinds.  It's so delicious I don't even want to go to sleep and risk missing it.

Skirt: Target
Shoes: BGBG
Lion Tee: Edun from Nordstrum Rack
Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange

 Trying to display my frozen yogurt masterpiece while my dad photo bombs this iphone shot.