I Don't Think This Can Be Topped

After my mom was too sick to keep teaching elementary school, she started volunteering at the Metroplex Hospital in Killeen's gift shop.  She brought home lots of pretty greeting cards, nifty pens and cool mobiles that looked like a strand of rainbow DNA.

My dad and step-mom recently moved and have been trying to clear out lots of furniture, which requires a clean sweep of every drawer, nook, and cubby hole.  Lennon and I went to their house to watch the superbowl, and my step-mom said she had something to give me.  She pulled out this card and at first I thought it would be money or a gift card inside.

She handed it to me and said she'd found it in a piece of furniture that was my mom and dad's, that no one could identify its origins, and it seems obvious that my mom had brought it home from the gift shop. 

The outside says "Happy Birthday Daughter," and the inside:

Six years after she died, I got a birthday card from my mom. 

I cried - are there words?  My step-mom cried too.  I can't think of any thing in the world I would rather have received.  I still can't get over it.

Before going home to Cove, I did hit up Buffalo Exchange to spend my birthday money.  While not nearly as exciting as above, I found some items I'm quite proud of:

Pink Puma tennis, faux-snake skin peep-toe sling-back booties, turquoise flats, and three dresses, one by Susana Monaco, who I love.  If only it weren't so cold this week - all I want to do is bundle up in matronly sweaters and water-proof boat shoes.

Sunday may have been gloomy, but that didn't put a damper on my birthday weekend!  Ok, I know, I make terrible jokes... and sometimes I put on clothes just because I was compelled to wear a certain item.  Like this skirt; it spoke to me from the closet and said it was lonely and in want of wear. 

Skirt: Charlotte Rouse
Shoes: Converse All Star (Target)
Tights: Target
Hippie t-shirt: Journey's
Long sleeve t-shirt: Kohls
Crystal strawberry necklace: mom's

I'm smiling here and this was before I even got the card.  It was a very smile-filled weekend.  Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate!  I plan to post embarrassing dance club photos soon :)

My chipotle chocolate cake didn't turn out shabby, either, but it was certainly spicy!  I'll also post the recipe and photos soon, since Grant asked so nicely :) :)      < more smiles!