I'm Playing Guitar Live Tonight!

And my name is on the flier and everything... how cool is that!?

It's a fundraising event for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin, so use that as your excuse to come eat dinner at Hangtown Grill!

It's sort of a weird deal where you have to print and take in this flier to benefit the BGC.  The Facebook invite with times, etc, is here.

I can only play covers at present, but I hope that changes in the next several months.  I'm taking Mandy's intermediate class with Girl Guitar right now, and she also offers songwriting, vocal harmonies, alternate tunings, advanced classes... I want to take all of them.  I may take a break from guitar class after this session is over and work with a voice teacher, though.  Despite doing choir throughout middle school and Jr. High, I can't remember when to breathe, how to maintain a key... you know, just the important stuff. 

Anyway, here's a simple song I learned yesterday that I may play tonight, "An Attempt To Tip The Scales" by Bright Eyes, (although I don't think he even strums it when he does it, so this is the Amanda version):

I should really stop wearing pajamas all the time. Or, just record myself in the morning as opposed to midnight.  But that would also require waking up for the morning.  Dilemma.