Mohawk Fashion Freakout

I know I'm not really a heads-up-neat-event type-blogger, but I'm really excited about this one!  My after school program runs a sewing class called "Project Runway" and our girls were invited to a Go Green Fashion Show at the university in San Marcos before Christmas, and I didn't get to go.  I was quite sad, (but not about missing the long car ride).  That show was a vintage revamped extravaganza as well, and my girls got to model some skirts they made from old jeans as well as walk in some of the clothes made by the university students.

Having missed out there, I do not plan to miss out on the Fashion Freakout at Mohawk tomorrow night.  I even twisted Lennon's arm into going by promising him we could hit the Dog & Duck Pub after, (not exactly a sacrifice on my part....).  I bought our tickets in advance, but Tolly is giving away two tickets at her blog, and winning those is way more cost effective than purchasing online, (although there's only a $2 difference between buying online and buying at the door). 

At midnight it's my birthday so if you're there come say hi to me :)