The day before it snowed, it was warm and chilly, necessitating a light cardigan.  The day before that, it was warm enough for bare legs and short skirts.  What up, Austin? 

In anticipation of what seemed like an impending onslaught of spring, I wore a thin cotton dress with a bright cardigan to ward off the wind.  I also got to bust out my brand new, thrifted (thr-ew!) "F*** yeah, America!" belt from Thrift Town in Dallas.

Dress: $8 at Forever 21
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Citizens
Flats: Target
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange
Belt: $5 at Thrift Town

I feel patriotic just looking at this belt.  It would probably be appropriate to wear it the next time I visit my dad at Ft. Hood.  Or go to a rodeo. Either/or. 

Also in anticipation of spring, my birthday worms (thanks Dad and Carla!) finally came in the mail, and are set-up and munching so that I can hopefully have grow a hearty tomato and jalapeno plant on the back deck.

I never would have known what vermicomposting was if our Keep Austin Beautiful / Green Teens rep, Emily, hadn't brought one of their worm bins into school to show our kids.  The teenagers might not have taken away an urge to compost after the worms visited, but I certainly did!

The worms came when I was in Little Rock, and no offense to Lennon, but I don't think he set them up quite right according to the instructions.  But hopefully it will be ok. 

The "kit" is handy but seems simple enough to construct yourself.  I found this one on the City of Austin web page, and put it on my birthday wish list.  They are living in the closet under my stairs right now, but when it's warmer I will probably move them out back, although I'm worried about ants getting in and messing with my beloved worms. 

Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely day!