Cookies + Guacamole

My step-sister Courtney recently moved into a new town house that is veryvery nice, and she invited me, my other two-sisters, and some friends over to have a housewarming party.  It was only appropriate to wear a dress I bought while shopping with them in Austin the day before.  Plus, Courtney lives two hours away, and nothing says "travels well" like jersey fabric.

Dress: from Nordstrom Rack ($20!)
Shoes: Classified
Necklace: Accessory City in Little Rock

I don't know how it got started, but someone ate a chocolate cookie dunked in guacamole, and then decided that I was the only sister that hadn't done it, and surely must for a photo opp.  But I'm a stinker, (or lame), and only put the green cookie in my mouth for the picture.  No contact with taste buds were made, (wouldn't want to spoil the flavor of that delectable Lone Star I'm holding).