Eat Pray Love a movie!?

Oh goodness... another movie about a woman who's lost and subsequently sets out to find herself, writes about it, and all the spheres of Heaven align.  That's two now, after Julie Powell, surely it must really be possible to do then?  For every story that gets a movie made about it, there has to be thousands that aren't publicized, right?

Hard to imagine when sitting at my table, littered with receipts, bills, twenty golf pencils I emptied out of my high school backpack of unknown origins, dog hair all over the floor, running late for work trying to eat a bowl of cereal, no pay raise or extended vacation in sight, and there's always a choice to be made between writing, reading other people's writing, being social, keeping the house from rotting, and trying to do my best at work while stretching myself too thin with hobbies.  Writing always loses.  Saving up to travel always loses.  It's easier to splurge on something that's $20 when trying to put the rest towards car payments, etc, than it is to say: I want to save up thousands of dollars for a fairy tale trip around the world that I will never have the time off or savings to take.

But that's just being cynical, right?  Right?

I'm slowly reading Committed, but not for lack of loving it.  Now I'll have to pick up Eat Pray Love before the movie is released.

Thank you to Tulips and Tea for the heads up about this trailer!  I can't wait to see it.  I already have a girl crush on Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Roberts playing her won't help cure it.