Janus May Have Two Faces, But March Is Two Faced

While the rest of the academic world is on spring break this week, (or so it seems), having left teaching this year, I am spending the week working in a community club (I work in a school based club), shepherding small children from paper mache to soccer, with various activities in between.  I do this 8:30-5:30, and I come home and sleep for an hour or two immediately afterwards.  Maybe I should go back to teaching.

I have a surplus of pictures I have never got around to posting, so now I can do a cool weather/warm weather side-by-side outfit picture!  How serendipitous!  Oddly, I realize I wore this dress the first time to go to lunch in the Arboretum with my dad and step-mom, and then to shop in the Arboretum with my step-mom and step-sisters a few weeks later.  Another case of strange happenstance!?  Perhaps I just like the dress, or think my step-mom likes it, (I rarely repeat outfits).  This week, being a fill-in on other sites as opposed to a director on my own, all of my shirts say "STAFF" on the back.  Stylin'.  Except not.

Dress: Buffalo Exchange in Dallas
Jeans: Citizens
Sandals: Target
Belt: Little Rock boutique
Cardigan: Gap
Gold pendant necklace: Francesca's
Green pendant necklace: Boutique in Malaga, Spain
Ring: swag bag score from Etsy Austin and the Fashion Brunch

After taking last Wednesday off sick (my last antibiotic pill is tomorrow - horrah!) I took off Friday for the Fashion Brunch.  I took a few photos I will be sharing soon, so I'll make this picture of the ring I got in the swag bag (goodie bags for grown-ups?  yes please!) as my teaser picture.  I love it!  Somehow I accidentally made it home with a bag that I didn't originally have, and it's missing a few of the things other people got, so I must have swapped bags with someone who'd already picked through theirs, and this makes me super sad-face, as the cameo necklace and obi belt are some of the things I came home lacking.  But, I do love this ring, and Etsy, and Austin.  Just not the allergies.  So, still a win.

Now in between blowing my nose every ten minutes, being exhausted, and working a lot but somehow never having any money,  (seriously should consider teaching again), I don't know if I'll get to enjoy much of SXSW this year.  Triple sad-face.

Speaking of not having money and previously mentioned non-outfit-repeating, I'm imposing a shopping ban on myself, even if thrifting is cheap.  Cheap adds up.  I also vow to live off spaghetti.

Further, I'm making it a priority to read more print material and less google blog reader, as I often use it as a substitute for the cable TV I don't have, (I can not tell you how much I miss Spongebob marathons). 

Speaking of little kids and shopping, I want to share this Dallas Clayton poem from his website, (I took one liberty in correcting a spelling error, sorry, they're/their/there mix-ups get under my skin):


When I was too young to dress myself
my mom used to let me pick out my accessories
from the nature store at the mall
that sold crystals and magnetic rocks
and pins that looked like actual black widow spiders.

My favorite thing then was bolo ties,
the kind that fancy colonels from the civil war had,
with the two strings draped like a folded shoe lace.

I had five or six of these
each with different animals or rocks
where the tie knotted around my neck.

I don’t know what my fixation was.
I didn’t grow up in the southwest
and I had never seen any of these ties
in actual rotation on cooler role models
who might have inspired me.

I guess I just liked the idea of being
able to wear a poisonous bug
as if that was the coolest possible
function an article of clothing could have.

My best bolo tie
had a baby scorpion
claws drawn as if on the attack
encased in a bubble of hard plastic
and frozen for all time.

I wonder if that scorpion’s family
ever thought about where their child went off to.
Probably in their wildest dreams
they wouldn’t have guessed
“hung around the neck of an uneven-toothed
nine year old, dressed up for Christmas photos
and proud as the day is long.”