Keds, Sailboats, & Bicycles

Sunday was beautiful and sunny, and I threw these shorts on to take a ride to Epoch coffee to, -gasp-, sit and talk to Lennon!  No laptops, no headphones... actual conversation!  Does that ever happen in coffee shops anymore!?  Maybe on first dates.  And business lunches.  And study groups.  No, wait, those last two don't count.

We sat on the patio and drank coffee and tea just to be outside and have a destination for our bike excursion.  These flats double as my house slippers in the summer, and Chictopia is having a Keds sponsored contest, so I delayed our trip to have Lennon take a flurry of pictures of me in my polka dot Keds.  I actually have this pair in brown and blue as well, because I got them 50% off, which means you have to buy two, right?  Maybe that rule only applies if there's rick-rack on the shoe.  These have rick-rack.

Sweater: Forever 21
Tank: Target
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Keds
Glitter headband: from Goodie Two Shoes

Now if I could only teach Lennon to take pictures without cars in the background...   :)
I shouldn't give him a hard time.  When I get a place to myself I'll have to buy a tripod, and be even more embarrassed to take pictures of myself outside.