Landlocked Is For Losers

I really wanted to stand by a puddle to take these pictures, but they were all kind of gross.  So I grabbed this conch shell that my dad found while scuba diving around the time I was born.  I felt as though I had the power of speech when I held it, along the lines of Lord of the Flies.  (No pigs were harmed in this photo shoot).

I couldn't really hear the ocean - there's too many cars on the street down the alley.  I did hear the sound of SPRING though.  It was warm all day today.  It was lovely.

Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Kriston Todd boutique in Little Rock
Shoes: Target
Conch shell: my dad, I think from Panama when he and my mom were stationed there
Fact that my tattoo looks like a ship's steering wheel: coincidence

And if you happen to have Friday off, (I put in my request two weeks ago), don't forget it's the New Media Fashion Boutique Crawl!  

From Indiana: "All of the shops on 2nd Street have offered the boutique crawlers a discount and several of the shops are offering us snacks and drinks. The boutique crawl starts at 12:30 p.m. at Eliza Page, where she will be offering champagne. The whole crawl will be over by 6:30, but if anyone is hungry afterward, we've been offered 50% off appetizers at Cru (back on 2nd Street, where I presume most of us will park since that's the start)."
I hope to see you there, and I hope I'm not feeling super shy that day, I feel like such a dork in front of new (all?) people!