Ludo: You're Not Awful, I Love you & I'm Proud To Shop At Target

You know how everyone has a band they love so much they would throw undergarments at the members, because everytime they come on the radio, the CD player, the IPod, Pandora... your heart goes all aflutter and you want to get up and jump around the room with a hairbrush?

Yeah, that's Ludo for me.  Lennon introduced them to me, and it's perhaps the only thing we've ever agreed on wholly: they are amazing.  And weird, and catchy, and creepy, andandandand...

 I saw them live last year in Little Rock, and now I check their website regularly to see when they are going on tour again.  They just finished a new album, so hopefully the wait is almost over.

Song: Love Me Dead

I love their metaphors.  "You're an office park without any trees, corporate and cold."  Yeah, I know some boys like that.

Song: Save Our City

This is from their rock opera "Broken Bride," and during the live show they started waving giant flags, sort of Les Mis-esque.  I got goose bumps.  I got them just now from listening to the song again.  And while the song is about a zombie takeover, don't worry y'all...

I got this.  (the blob on the hat is a zombie, and it says "Zombie Hunter" underneath it.  So I'm official).

Song: Good Will Hunting By Yourself

I think this is going to become my official break-up video.  In case I ever need to "sew my wild oats."

 "Milkshakes melt, people change."