Meeting God

Because I am incapable of going to sleep before 2 a.m., regardless of what time I woke up this morning or when responsibility dictates I should wake up tomorrow (today?), I was possessed by the whim to scan a few of the vibrant photographs from one of my favorite college "text books," (being an English literature major with loads of elective courses in religious studies, I had very few actual text books). 

Meeting God almost looks like a coffee table book because of its full size, color photographs on every page, but it's so rich with information, text, explanations, stories, history, and new things to wonder about, that it most certainly earns a title over the waiting room status of "coffee table books."  The American Museum of Natural History stocks it, so surely it has some heft in the world of academia.  Regardless, the photos are the selling point.

My copy is filled with underlinings of purple pen from my notes when reading it for a world religions summer school class in college.  And for the sake of honesty: I'm one of those people who took summer school classes for fun.  Every year.  Religious studies, Mesopotamian history, civics, survey of international politics... whenever I'm interested in something, I devour it, (although civics and politics are two interests I really couldn't care less for now, which is terrible, yeahyeahyeah - so I hear we passed a health care bill?). 

I'm not sure if I'm simply hungering for some sort of visual inspiration, or a color feast, or if wanderlust is setting in and I'm craving anything I associate with travel.  Either way, I scanned a few of my favorite photos to share.

I really want an elephant to pat me on the head.  And to wake up early in the morning and pray in cold river water.  And to wear a sari and not look like a lame tourist, (I have no delusions about this ever happening).

Also for the sake of honesty : before anyone calls me an over idealizing romantic in terms of other cultures, all I have to say to you is this: salmonella, my old friend.

I check Lonely Planet for openings for writers almost monthly, but am yet to ever see a call for a position I could actually fill.  Although after reading Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? I may be tempted to one day say "forget the safety of sponsored travel," as "safety" was a loose term according to the author.  All I need is my camera, a writing utensil, and some gumption, right?  I have gumption.

Now back to my day dreaming.  Er, night dreaming.  It's really time for bed.