New Media Fashion Brunch

I know I am literally "tardy to the party" as far as when I arrived at the New Media Fashion Brunch on Friday, March 12th, (Indiana had to come unlock a door for me to let me in), and in that I'm just now posting pictures.  I have no excuse - I've been seduced by sleep and SXSW the past week.  Nonetheless, I was very excited to receive an invitation to this event that Indiana of Adored Austin put together and hosted for fashion bloggers in and around Austin. 

Of course I tried on about five outfits before I decided on what, (thanks Michelle for helping!).  It was windy outside and we were going to walk a lot, so I opted for flats.  I got this necklace at a boutique in Granada, Spain because I loved the color.  This tunic was too short after I belted it, so I put a white skirt underneath it to add length.

Tunic: Forever 21
Skirt: free from clothing swap
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Spain
Belt: Thrift Town
Bracelet: gift from step-sister

The food was almost too pretty to eat - breakfast treats and lunch fare laced with jelly beans and candy, and lovely displays by sponsors and Etsy Austin.  And the food wasn't just pretty, there was a lot of it; when leaving to walk to the boutiques, Indiana had her purse stuffed with Jelly Belly's and chocolate biscotti for anyone who got hungry, I think that's evidence she's going to be a great mom!  Our treat bags included the supplies for making an obi belt (there weren't enough needles to go around, though), as well as lots of pendants, rings, cute business card wallets, and other fun swag I was excited to find.  We first walked over to the 2nd Street shopping district, and I had to leave after that to see my family, but the girls continued on to South Congress afterward.  I'm sad that I missed my free cupcake!  There was lots of networking and business card swapping going on, so maybe I should make my blog a business card for future, similar occasions?  

Clearly I need this necklace, right?  Or at least that charm.

and finally...
You didn't know I was such a Bowie fan, huh?

In retrospect, I should have taken way more pictures, but I was shy because I didn't know anyone.  There were lots of lovely ladies to meet, though, so please check out the blogs of the following girls!

and of course Indiana!

There were a lot more girls there, and I know I'm leaving someone off and already feel terrible, please see the New Media Brunch page for the full list of attendees, and I have to run off to work now!  I hope you enjoy this lovely, warm day.  Prepare yourself for the mass amounts of band photos I'll be posting next.