One Scarf Three Ways CHALLENGE

Two weeks ago I bought this scarf from Target, and unofficially made it my mission to style it at least three ways as quickly as possible. I would have gone for four, but I didn't want to crawl through a cave in it, and then I got sick, so three it is.  There was a blue scarf at Target I also wanted to buy, so maybe my true objective was to subconsciously prove to myself that I'd actually wear it, thus meriting a purchase.  I'd certainly say I've gotten my $14 worth out of this pink scarf thus far.  

Going to: work
Scarf: Converse via Target
Pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Old Navy
Pink tank: Banana Republic
"Plant Flowers" tee: Old Navy
Dove necklace: Little Rock boutique, Kristin Todd

While I tend to take pictures with my hair in a side pony, this poofy bun is the reality of how I normally go about my day.

I spent a Saturday watching rugby games with Lennon and then shopping with Michelle at the Austin Domain.  I had never heard of the Domain before, but Google maps told me there was a Zara there, and I wanted to go see if it was as amazing as I remember it being in Spain.  When I first pulled in to the Domain I saw Louis Vuitton, and instantly cursed Google maps for misleading me.  I drove down the Domain's main drag, feeling lost in the oft-unseen world of the uber-rich, (at least unseen by the lowly likes of myself, darn non-profit work), but as I rounded a corner, the divine retail clouds spit me out on opposite side of the affordable border: I had found Zara and Forever 21.  Zara was actually disappointing; everything in the store was $39.99, (some miraculous retail coincidence?) and I'd put it more on par with J. Crew than the Zara of my Malaga memories.  Forever 21 rarely disappoints though, which is both wonderful and terrible.  Anyway.

Going to: rugby and exploratory shopping
Scarf: Converse from Target
Denim dress: Forever 21 via Buffalo Excchange
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: Target (they should send me loyalty coupons)
Nautical locket: found in either my mom's or my grandma's jewelry collection

And finally, I put on this ensemble to watch the Oscars in Copperas Cove at my dad's house.  The day started out warmer than it ended, so these shorts went from sensible to silly; I'm so glad the weather seems to be both lightening and stabilizing. 

Scarf: Converse from Target
Shorts: Thrifted from Thrift Town
Shoes: SoLa
White tee: Forever 21
Navy tank: Forever 21
Khaki blazer: White House Black Market
Shells necklace: SoLa

If you like challenges, two that I have been following recently are JoAnn and her dress-a-day project, and Marie with her Disney dressing challenge

I also might have to print and sport Grant's home-made SXSW badge if I violate any of his SXSW no-no's, (some of which I do on a regular basis). 

What challenges have you undertaken lately - fashion related or not?