"The Runaways" Press Screening - Thanks GRC!!

While I kinda-sorta wish I could say I got an invitation to a press screening of the Joan Jett & Cherie Currie movie The Runaways because of this blog, I am no less excited to say that I got to see the film because Emily Marks of Girls Rock Camp is awesome, and invited Elizabeth and I to Friday's press screening.  Thank you Emily!!  I was so excited that I dressed up in my best day time rock star attire for the 11 a.m. show.

At the screening I sat next to the writer from the Austin Statesman, who diligently had his steno pad out and ready to take notes.  Dude, I didn't get your name, but I'm gunning for your job.  Watch out.


Despite having to close my eyes on multiple occasions due to the drug-induced-perspective shots of blurred pictures and spinning cameras, I enjoyed the movie.  I loved Kristin Stewart in the film, as she was hard but feminine, nonchalant but determined, which is how I envision Joan Jett.  I enjoyed Dakota Fanning as well, especially when she flips two birds to an auditorium of heckling teenagers during a Bowie song in a talent show, but watching her sexually charged performance, knowing she's still a kid, was a bit unsettling.  Although, perhaps since Cherie Currie was a kid, maybe that's what the directors were going for?  I also walked out of the theatre wanting a pair of black leather pants a la young Joan Jett.  I'm still glad platform shoes have (mostly) stayed in the seventies and strip clubs - they scream "traction." 

Elizabeth told me I looked more dressed for a premiere, but I'd put my level of glee for a press pass on par with a premiere invitation.

Shorts: Target
Heels: Cole Haan
Shirt: Michael Kors
Scarf: Old Navy
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange
Purse: Kristin Todd in Little Rock

Dakota Fanning, Joan Jett, Kristin Stewart, Cherie Currie via Fanpop

I kept hearing the film referred to as the "Joan Jett" movie, but the majority of it was dedicated to Cherie Currie's story - her back story, her family, her rise and fall due to drug abuse and stress.  Joan Jett was presented more as the catalyst for Cherie Currie's career.  The only back story we hear about her is that she does, indeed, have a mom.  Oh, and some sketchy boyfriends, as well as a penchant for telling gender biased guitar teachers who claim "girls don't play electric guitar" that they can go... you know.

My birthday falls after the era of Joan Jett being integrated into my pop culture vernacular, but it's evident what kind of a music revolution she helped spawn for female musicians, a revolution that the creators and participants of and in Girls Rock Camp are all beneficiaries of, including myself. 

After the movie I went in to work, (possibly worst work day ever?  I think I have less hair now), and then had plans to go to the Blanton Museum's first Friday event.  I got there and whatdayaknow, the event is bimonthly now.  I'll have to pull the sparkle tights out again in April.

I wore jeans to work, since I work with kids and all, and those shorts are a little, well, short, but afterwards I changed back into these pink shorts and added a little pizazz to go out on the town in the evening hours.

Tights: Michael Kors, clearance at Indigo in Little Rock

My friend Phil plays drums and lets me pretend that I know how. 

The Blanton wasn't a total bust - I did get to take a picture. 

The Runaways comes out on March 19th, and I highly recommend you put on your highest high waist pants, fluff your hair, and go see it.  If anything, it'll put you off any drug addictions you may have contemplated developing.  Or make you scour the internet for vegan leather pants... not that I'm doing that now.  *cough*