Spending Time Together: Head to Head

Lennon and I have been going through some couple-strife lately, and one of the things we are trying to do as a remedy is remember things we did for fun when we were happier with each other. 

One of the difficulties in trying to find time to be together is that we are both big on hobbies.  We really don't need anyone else to entertain us during the day, and sometimes we forget to do things together.

I like to work around this by setting aside time in advance as "together" time, whether or not there is a decision on what to do with that time.  Lennon prefers that time come around organically, like, "oh hey!  Let's play chess."  The compromise is when someone wakes up in the morning and says "let's play chess tonight."  Planned time, with an activity we both enjoy. 

I think I can safely say that neither of us is in the mood to break up, but to quote classic phrases, "something's gotta give."  I'm trying to plan (there's that word he hates) a fun Saturday for us to spend together.  Thus far, I have plotted out a morning visit to the farmer's market at the Triangle, swimming at Barton Springs, biking to a coffee shop to read and make fun of each other, and/or a rugby game, then in the evening we are invited to a house warming party in east Austin.  Friday I hope we can go to lunch with some friends and visit the Cathedral of Junk since it's in a bit of legal trouble with an uncertain fate, and I haven't seen it yet, (and there is no school - woot).   

Any suggestions for inexpensive things a sometimes-happy couple can do together?  We argue over the silliest things now.  We are going to have to resolve not to let our building frustrations with each other impact our day. 

In Little Rock, Lennon and I were the connoisseurs of dive bars and 5 a.m. gay dance clubs.  Maybe we need to revisit some old habits?  We've hardly even explored Austin yet, as moving here was so expensive.

Until life stops being expensive, I'm content to play chess at home with smoosh face.