Style Station in Elm Mott, Texas

Having a boyfriend from Dallas and my dad and step-mom in Copperas Cove means Lennon and I get to make trips home easily and semi-often.  We've driven to Dallas a few times now, and I've never once noticed this store until I started looking for it.  Actually, that's not true.  I noticed it after I started looking for it, turned around three times, and finally ignored Google maps and used the directions on their web site, (word to the wise: ignore Google if you go here, it lies!)

I read about Style Station on Indiana's site Adored Austin and decided we needed to make a pit stop in Elm Mott, Texas to do some treasure seeking. 

I'm 98% certain the building is an old gas station, which only adds to the charming Americana that permeates the store and everything inside it.  The first thing you notice once you get past the exterior display is BOOTS.  Boots and pearl snap cowboy shirts.  We knew we were going to like the place when we saw, sitting on top of Art, the owner's, CD pile was an autographed copy of Hayes Carll's album Little Rock.  Lennon didn't get much chance to browse, though.  Indiana mentions Art talking your ear off: this is accurate.  I slipped off after a while to browse and let Lennon be the sacrificial ear.

Elm Mott must have had a riotous square dancing scene at one time (still?), as there was a large selection of vintage square dancing dresses and petticoats.  Lennon found a white, James Bond dinner jacket he kept taking off the rack and putting back.  It was slightly out of his price bracket, which gives me birthday idea fodder.

I bought the white dress on the right from Style Station with contemplations of having it altered, but after trying it on I decided the only thing I need done is to have the waist let out an inch, if that's possible.  I need the same thing done to the vintage gold medallion dress I found at the Dallas Buffalo Exchange.  That one is missing some sort of belt, so I bought a navy ribbon from Wal-Mart to go through the belt loops. 

That Dallas trip was our Valentine's Day date, and if you missed my aquarium adventures and photographs, you can find those here.  I loved the walk-through shark tank tunnel.  It was dreamy and dark and surreal... until one of the fifty toddlers sharing the experience with us started screaming, (I need to go back on a week day - or work at Sea World).