SXSW & A Few Excuses

This week has been the SXSW music festival in Austin, (and a film fest, and a technology fest).  Next year - I'm taking the WHOLE week off.  I'm used to doing my blog posts either before work, around 10AM, or after, staying up super late because I can sleep in.  This 8:30-5:30 stuff has been killing me! But Monday is back to work, and back to routines.

In my absence, I've acquired a laundry list of pictures and topics I will be posting soon:
  • New Media Fashion Brunch
  • TXRD Hell Cats video
  • I met the filmmaker of The Taqwacores while in line for free beer!!
  • Austin Carnivalle
  • The Type Writer Museum & the many uses of pink tape
  • Band of Horses
  • Holly Miranda - I sat next to her!
  • JJ
  • The XX - Lennon sold them coffee!  They're nice!
  • + MORE!!  (I sound like a playbill)
  • Oh, and some outfits.
So until time alots itself for writing, (Sunday night I hope), seeing as I've got a big day planned with Michelle tomorrow, and some churchy things on Sunday afternoon that involve baked goods, I leave you with this:

Example why your momma told you to always wear a slip.