SXSW Austin Carnivalle

The whole SXSW RSVP thing for free events is new to me, and I wouldn't have even known that such events existed if it wasn't for my friend Phil, who told me I had to RSVP rightthissecond for an event called Austin Carnivalle because The Walkmen, who I love, would be playing.

Sadly, I missed them, but I did get to go late one afternoon, and there were RIDES!  And free beer!  Oh yeah, and music!  I made a short video on one of the rides, and made my *first ever* little movie with credits and everything.  If you feel like getting motion sickness, please watch!

I also love The Rifles.  I took a lot of pictures, so here is a smattering of my photos from the event:

This was right next to the American Apparel flea market tent, but I did not feel up to braving the line or the mud for t-shirts.  Maybe next year.  Oh, and it should be noted, Phil screamed like a kid on the ride, it's why I added a sound track :)