Rule #1: Act How You Want To Feel

I feel like the books I've been reading are going in a psychological chronicle order.  I started with Cleaving, about affairs, broken hearts, and reconstructive "surgery" (butchery?), moved on to Committed, a brief study of both the history of marriage around the world and the author's desire to make peace with the institution, with her own love story tying the disparate parts together, and now I'm onto The Happiness Project.

I just started it, but one of the first manifestos the author makes for herself, is that she is going to act the way she wants to feel.  This is incredibly difficult for me - as I easily become an emotional wreck and let whatever negative energy I feel take on an almost crushing affect.  But if I make myself move - cook dinner, go to a concert, get out of bed - I usually find myself feeling in accordance with my actions.

So - rule of the day - act how I want to feel!  And yesterday morning I was in a great mood.  It was sunny, warm, and breezy.

Denim trousers: J. Crew
Plaid shirt: Gap
Black tank: Wal-Mart
Pink t-shirt: Gap
Blue wedge shoes: Target
Necklace: Accessory City
Ring: Charlotte Russe

The relationship issues of recent weeks, (months?) have been coming to a head in excessive amounts of anxiety, both mentally and physically manifested.  I'm trying to relax and take things in stride.

Last night I met up with Lennon, Eirik, and a couple other friends after work at the Austin Poetry Slam, and then had a late dinner at Magnolia's, all things and people I love. 

There's a show at Emo's tonight that I want to see, and I haven't bought tickets in advance so I hope I make it there in time.  I'm determined to have a beautiful Easter weekend!  And read a lot.  Preferably outdoors.

What is one (or more) of your rules of being positive?  I'd love to compile a list.