Rules of Singledom #1: Spend Time With Girlfriends

Friday night, my friend Elizabeth and I attended the "Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour" (#BATHH) at the Kung Foo Saloon on West 6th Street.  Because the universe either likes to prove me wrong, or make me happy, (sometimes both), I lamented to Elizabeth about how big Austin is, and how I can't go out and see lots of people I know like I can in Little Rock.  So I get my beer, (Young's double chocolate stout - my kind of post-breakup chocolate indulgence), turn around, and woah!  TWO people I know.  My friend Katie, of the infamous birthday scavenger hunt, and Claire, another site director for after school programming who I indirectly work with.  Sometimes being wrong is great.

Elizabeth took my outfit pictures before going out.  Thank goodness for friends!  I've started a list of things I will have to invest in when I move into my new apartment, (I'm 85% sure I'm moving into a new apartment on May 1st - please cross your fingers for me that the apartment I share with Lennon and Eirik now is leased to someone else before then).  So far, I have this:
  • Crosley Turntable - recommended by one of my supervisors at the BGC, and after photographing Record Store Day for Venus, I am even more sold on wanting one.  I'm thinking housewarming gift to myself!
  • A tripod - no more boyfriend to take my photos.  Stifling a sigh.
It is thunder storming outside right now, and it was raining last night, too.  I love rain.

Shoes: I have temporarily stolen these from Michelle!  Shhhh don't tell!
Skirt: Forever 21
T-shirt: Target
Silver bangle: found in my mom's things
Necklace: from a Little Rock boutique
Headband: Goodie Two Shoes in Austin
Umbrella: Wal-Mart

Any other rules of singledom I should be aware of and put into practice?