Suddenly Single

This weekend I took Lennon to Little Rock as he was a featured performer in the Arkansas Literary Festival's Pub or Perish event.  This will probably be one of the last times I mention Lennon here, as he broke up with me today after a screaming fight that shed new light on aspects of my character I didn't know were so flawed, but he was kind enough to point out.  

Dress: Forever 21
Tights: from Buffalo Exchange new merch
Shoes: Target
Locket:  thrifted
Headband: Goodie Two Shoes in Austin
Ring: antique mall find

Tonight I came home to an empty house with no knowledge of where Lennon is or when or if he's coming back.  I suppose we won't be sharing a residence much longer.

I haven't been truly single in a very long time.  Even when I was "single" last year I was dating regularly.  I already feel slightly handicapped like I don't know how to move in this new existence.  As Lennon is out, probably with people, I assume he's already figured it out.  I mean, I didn't even figure out the break up was official until people texted me that he'd changed his status on Facebook to "single."  Oh, Facebook.

Ok, now what?