Two Crushes + A Trip

Love # 1: a turquoise ruffled party dress from New Bohemia that would surely make me feel like a cross between a mermaid and a whale with ruffly baleen plates for teeth.  I could catch a few floating krill in all that lace?  Probably not enough to merit the $199.00 price tag, though.  Some loves just aren't meant to be.

Love #2:  This is blogger love, and I have total girl crush on the lady behind Buffalo Parade.  And maybe her boyfriend, too, who is also all sorts of cute.  Plus when I opened her page just now, she had Smashing Pumpkins playing.  Bonus love.

Trip: I'll be in Little Rock with Lennon over the weekend, as he's performing poetry with the Arkansas Literary Fest.   I hope you all enjoy your weekend!