Anne of Green Gables is Alive and Well

And is hiding out in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I had these taken the last time I was visiting Little Rock.  I'd just found this hat at an antique mall and was too excited to wait till I got back to Austin to wear it.  I think it has spring woven into it.

Skirt: from Target
T-shirt: Forever 21
Hat: from an antique mall in Arkansas
Shoes: Frye's
Necklace: silver dollar pendant found in my grandma's bureau

I want to start singing "I feel pretty..." but then I'd have to stay in my seat and not get up and look at my, seriously, disheveled self after a ten hour work day, with my fingers smelling like tuna fish sandwich and my hair knotted in a pony ring I'll probably have to cut out with scissors.  But, how can a day be good unless you get a little messy and a little gross from running around being busy?

Tomorrow night is the big end-of-year showcase event for the after school program I co-run.  If you're in Austin, come out and support a St. John's community school!  We have some really sweet kids, and some crazy ones.  Today was the Boys and Girls Club spring luncheon - and aside from the vegetarian option being a toasted tomato stuffed with carrots - blech - it went great.  The UT swim coach was the key note speaker, and a line of club kids got to ask him questions afterward.  One of my kids sang a patriotic song and read the invocation.  I was so proud!

I learned that my job is potentially going to be eliminated next year at the school I am in, (oh the joys of non-profit grant funded work), so I'll be applying for the same position at a not-quite-so-bad-off school, (I hear the ladies at this school are some serious students), so please cross your fingers for me that the principal there likes me and I have a job next year!  I'd really, really love to get a position in this school, so I'll be holding my breath till then.