Grand Prairie Uptown Theatre

I am finally all in my new apartment, with internet all set to go.  Only problem is I immediately set my priorities to unpacking my closet, so I'm yet to touch my desk, and my kitchen!  I have set up a make shift desk on the coffee table, and hope to have a real writing, reading, blogging space set up by close of business today or tomorrow.  If only work didn't get in the way...

When Lennon and I were still dating, all of two weeks ago, we visited his parents in Grand Prairie and made a stop at the historic Uptown Theatre to take a few pictures. I have quite a few folders of pictures Lennon has taken saved and ready to post, so I'm nervous what's going to happen to my outfit photos once those dry up.  I should probably order a remote to go with my tripod.

I've been doing well on my resolve - I bought pink sheets with rosebuds on them, and have been spending time with different people almost every evening for the past... four days.  I may run out of friends soon, so I hope the ones I have are ok if I start calling way more often!

To my pleasant surprise, things that I thought would bother me at first haven't: sleeping alone, coming home to just my puppy dog instead of a boyfriend, etc.  I have a balcony by my bed that I leave cracked so Bella can go in and out, and the breeze coming in and the cars that go by at a steady pace are peaceful.  I can see why people like having fish tanks, now.  I assume this has the same calming affect.

This set of pictures is also a favorite because it reminds me of movie dates.  I'm hoping I get to go on a few of those in the future.  I can't remember whether or not I like dating.

Dress: Suzane Monaco via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Frye's (clearance)
Cameo necklace: grandma's (a favorite, I should probably wear something new)
Bracelet: great grandma's (another favorite, especially since orange is my favorite color)
Ring: costume jewelry found in an antique mall