My dad and step-mom went on a trip to Peru last month and I can't express how jealous I am - I need to figure out a way to get myself there soon!  They turned down my pleas to hide in a suitcase, but I think I'm a little leggy for a carry-on, anyway.  My dad bought a new camera to go on the trip, and what do you know, he bought the exact same camera that I got last fall.  Like father, like daughter.  Or, the other way around in this case.  He accidentally put a time stamp on his photos, though, and didn't realize it till after getting back. 

Lady spinning lama wool. 

Mosaic wall with lighthouse in the distance.

Lady selling souvenirs.  They brought me a guitar strap.

As much as I like the guitar strap, can we talk about how jealous I am of this guy's new hat?  I totally want one.

This little girl is great.  My dad took about six pictures of her and she's like "what do you think you're looking at" in each one.  Ha!

This is a hairless dog. Apparently, they are native to the area, and allowed to run around free.  Is it pet-able?

This little girl was a little more keen on getting her picture taken

Lucky for tourists - she's ADORABLE.

And her sister is too.  My dad said he was trying to take one of just the sister and the little girl totally photo bombed.

They got to visit a school and talk to the kids, which I think is really, really neat.

I want to go shopping at this market!  There were bread rolls that (look like they) are as big as my head!

My dad is in the yellow shirt.  He said the place was swamped because there was a religious pilgrimage going on.

That lama looks like a Peruvian Lassie, and that baby has the world's cutest cheeks.

The train to Machu Pichu. 

This is a lama that wants its picture taken.

This is a lama that does not.

My dad and Carla.

Ok, now I want to go somewhere...