Things I Have To Admit About Myself

#1: I might be a hipster.  But only a little bit.  And by sheer admittance of the fact I probably negate it entirely. 

#2: I still have a special place in my heart for pop country.  I know traditional country like Townes, Hayes Carll, Lucinda Williams, Mary McBride (who I just interviewed today for an article in Venus - woot!) - are way cooler with the in crowd - but I heard LeeAnn Womack come on the radio yesterday and I decided to unabashedly roll down my window and blast it while I sang along.  Then I switched back to my Ludo CD to maintain my rep.  Whatever rep that may be.

This scarf is another Target find.  Lennon sat on my sunglasses so I had to go in and buy a new pair.  This scarf matched the pair I got.

While I will no longer order PBR at bars, (I like Lone Star as my cheap beer of choice, and beer with actual flavor if I feel like dropping $3 on a pint), I will never turn one down when they are free, like at The New Pornographer's listening party at the Scoot Inn a few weeks ago.  I can't talk bad about PBR, though, it was my gateway beer to brands that don't share the properties of water. 

I like skeeball and find the Austin skeeball team names a source of ceaseless amusement.  Or should I say skeesless amusement!? (oh, come on...)

Vegetarian I may be, but that doesn't mean that an ironic hunting lodge theme in the middle of an urban district doesn't amuse me, either.  I want to pet this dude.

And no night is complete without a personal smore set from Halycon.  Just don't try to take it on the balcony.  They will get mad and site the fire marshal as the guy out to ruin everyone's balcony-smore-fire-fun. 

I also dig a beard.  I have no idea why.  And although Phil has chastised me to no end for still speaking to and sometimes seeing Lennon (once this whole week!), Meyers-Brigg tells me that I don't like to let anyone or anything go, which probably explains why I'm still friends with all of my exes.  And possibly why I have gotten back together with several of them at least once.  Anyway.  I'm certainly single, but I don't plan to stop seeing someone all together if I care about them, and the feeling is mutual. 

Which brings us to things I have to admit about myself #3: I certainly don't need a new boyfriend anytime soon.  But I do like Diya's advice to date a lot!  I've been given quite a few good "being single" tips through the comments I've gotten, and I plan to post them soon.