Things I've Learned at Work

This past week has been a, literally, crazy work week where I've learned a few valuable lessons about professionalism.

Without being specific, I got a good reminder to never take anything personally in a work environment, (or ever, really, I mean why let people ruffle your feathers?), don't put anything in writing you don't want to come back to haunt you, (unless it's your diary - I assume no one will read that till you're dead - unless you're me, and I've actually had a boyfriend read my diary with disastrous consequences), and don't say anything out loud you wouldn't want documented in an incident report.  Oh, and incident reports are VERY important.

I have to manage people at work and I'm not particularly a fan of it.  I didn't mind managing a class room, but I'm so adverse to telling someone something that's unpleasant that I sometimes don't do it even when I should.  This does, though, make me a great mediator.  I think I've discovered my next career move: diplomacy, or something where the only person I manage is myself. 

In addition to chronicling work lessons, I'm debating writing about the one or two dates I've been on since becoming single.  I really want to, (I have commentary on everything), but my desire to not say anything that can come back to bite me is conflicting with my desire to describe and dissect everything.  Maybe I should go anonymous??  

Speaking of a crazy busy week - I haven't had much time to sit down with my google reader - and I miss the beautiful blogs that I frequent!  My apartment is almost in working order, (after I realized I left half my kitchen stuff in a cabinet at my old apartment - arg), so once I'm no longer shuffling books and plates and figurines around, I'll be back to reading, awing over everyone, and commenting.