Tiering Up

Maybe it's the Arkansas in me, but I love a skirt with ruffles, layers, and a petticoat.  I would have walked around all summer in a hoop skirt and lace if I'd been born in the right era.  I don't know how I'd feel about corsets and Arkansas summer heat, though...

This skirt was labeled "rockabilly," but that's just because of the check print.  This skirt screams "modern southern" with a rockabilly guitar riff.  Sorry, Forever 21, you should let me do your labeling.

I may not technically be a teacher anymore, but I still like my teacher paraphernalia, such as this apple locket.

What's a better detail than a giant bow??  Maybe ribbon piping, but it's a tough call.

Now if only this were long enough to wear to work and not just on Saturday afternoons.

Skirt: Forever 21
T-shirt: Target
Locket: Francesca's
Sandals: I don't remember, but they were $11 and I bought them in three colors

I'd say "it's almost Friday yay!" but I have a four hour water safety training on Saturday.  It will be my second working Saturday this month, (I know, whine more), but working Saturdays makes the weekend feel non-existant.  Can't stay up late Friday, don't get a full Saturday, and Sunday is just sort of a buffer day between a free day and Monday, (except for church - but you still have to wake up early for that).  I better be a water safety expert come Saturday night!