Black Eyed Susans

These photos were taken in Copperas Cove.  My missing head was not an attempt to be artsy... we can just leave it at that.  Need more practice.  In other news, I finally got my Austin library card - it's like I actually live here now!  That prompted me to spend three hours of my Saturday there, finding books on Dracula for me and books on poetry for the curriculum I'm writing for AISD over the summer for extra $, (I love writing curriculum, 100% serious - it may have been my favorite part of teaching).  I also got to be the creepy girl who sat in on children's hour to see Jungle Jim present his own creepy crawlies.  A scorpion fell off his shirt a foot in front of screaming six year olds.  HillARIOUS.  Ok, I screamed a little too.

I've also been having the best no-boys-allowed time with my step-sister, my co-worker, and friends from church.  Except I still make googely eyes at cute waiters who work at Spiderhouse and then feel like a jerk later because I knew better to lose a grip on my googely eyes, but whatever. 

My friend Alyssa and I have put ourselves on the waiting list for the no-skills-necessary Super Social Kickball Team league.  I really want to play, so if you know anyone who's taking up space on a team but is not excited about it, tell them to step off  and make room for us, please!  I have some serious non-coordination skills to contribute!  I'm also great at costumes.  And drinking a beer instead of doing anything.  (kidding... sort of). 

Shirt: from Blue Velvet Vintage in Austin
Skirt: from Buffalo Exchange
Belt: Francesca's, Little Rock branch
Necklace: hand made by my 10th grade sweetie and jewelry apprentice Christopher Wiken
Shoes: BCBG girls, a la four years ago