Don't Stop Here, This is Bat Country!

Sunday night was SUPPOSED to be the Austin Night of the Bat event - where all bat enthusiasts gathered on the South Congress bridge to watch the little varmints fly out and celebrate the start of bat season.  I got there at 7PM, (missed Adam West, sad), and by 10PM the little suckers STILL hadn't come out!  So I gave up and went to the Hideaway Cafe with Keith and Lennon.  Having lots of time to stand around, I took a bunch of pictures.  And just so you are all aware, that is my "look at this f'n hipster" pose.  Now I need an ironic mustache...

There were people from Blue Lapis Light doing a dance on the side of the hotel.  Their shadows looked like bats.

Crushable hat: Target
Floral tank: Charlotte Russe
White tank: American Eagle
Shorts: Target
Mesh coin purse necklace: got it from one of my grandmother's a loooooong time ago.  I kept a quarter in it when I was little.