The Ever Living Ghost of What Once Was

I work in a high school, but not as a teacher anymore.  Last week after summer program ended for the day and all the custodians had left, I stayed after to take pictures with these blue lockers. 

I've spent most of my weekend cloistered away writing articles to earn money so I can pay for tires, travel to weddings in Missouri and Atlanta, and lots of other things that have nothing to do with purchasing the frivolous items on my wish list: new camera lens, record player, squishy head phones, (so I can write in a coffee shop when I get bored of my house - and ear buds are not made for comfort), and I haven't gone thrifting or traveled in a long time... practical purchases are no fun!  Maybe one day I'll give up non-profit work in exchange for a pay check.  Maybe.

These lockers are frivolous as well - the students aren't supposed to use them, although there are locks on a few and I found a backpack in one.  Most of the students here carry children's backpacks with super heroes on them and never seem to have books or a pencil.  I'm yet to understand this.  I'm also 100% in favor of e-text books, if such as thing has been invented yet.  You'd never accidentally take home your science book instead of your math book again!  (I did this in high school, a lot.  It was my legit excuse for not having my homework).

Dress: Forever 21 clearance ($7!)
Necklace: my grandmother's

I don't believe in ghosts, or at least I tell myself that.  I do believe in metaphorical ghosts.  Several years ago a teenage girl was murdered in this courtyard on a stairwell by her ex-boyfriend, so while schools are typically creepy when you're in them alone, this one has an added chill of being a past murder scene.  Not that I believe a teenage girl would want to stick around school post-mortem for any reason, but there's always something left behind by occurrences in a place, something barely perceptible.  And, no matter how much we move forward, people never fully shake off all our old ghosts, do we?