mewithoutyou at Emo's on June 15th

A while back, I bought a ticket to go see mewithoutyou at Emo's.  I thought it was poetically perfect for my first concert to see both single and by myself.  I wasn't on assignment for these photos, so I wanted to experiment taking pictures without a flash.  I set the camera to "raw" mode and upped my ISO, but raw ended up being a disaster when I got home because my computer couldn't read the files - I had to download a converter and the whole process took forever.  Anyway, these are the pictures I got.  It was hot and I didn't fight for space at the very very front, and I know that's a terrible thing to not do when wanting pictures, but Monday I'll be on assignment for Wintersleep and Matt Pond at Mohawk, so watch out for my elbow if you'll be there. 

Mewithoutyou put on one of the most fun live shows I've seen in a long time - possibly since Ludo in Little Rock.  After I'd squeezed out of the crowd to the cooler area to watch, they brought out trumpets and trombones and had a symphonic encore that I'm now slapping my own wrist for not photographing, (but by that point I also realized I'd broken my camera lens - so these are the last pictures from this lens you'll see for a long time).  I have mewithoutyou's most recent album and I like it but I don't love it.  After seeing them live I'm going to go back and acquire their discography.  So much energy on stage, (and sweat - with no complaints, unlike when I saw Modest Mouse live).  At one point, he knocked the microphone off the stand while playing guitar, so instead of stopping, he got down on the ground to play and continue singing prostrate. 

I've got my research cut out for me before Monday's concerts to work on my shots!  I can practice at Daniel Johnston tomorrow night.