One Feature + One Review

I got to interview country/blues/R&B singer Mary McBride for Venus Zine, and it was published last week.  It was my first phone interview and I was really nervous and also paranoid my cell phone would die or cut out.  After learning the hard way that New York time is not the same as Austin time, though, I got it sorted out.  Read the article I wrote here

Glen Hansard is still my favorite singing Irishman, but the Villagers were good and had the added benefit of sounding a little similar.  Although the lyrics were all dark and creepy - I seem to keep getting the creepy albums.  Wintersleep was dark, too, but every time I listen to their CD now I love it more and I saw them live Monday night - GREAT.  Once those photos get posted on Venus I'll post the set here.  Till then, you can read my Villagers album review, here!