Through the Thorns to the Stars

A facebook friend posted this, and out of incessant curiosity I started watching it.  Then I started laughing, then I started crying, then I laughed some more while simultaneously crying.  Carla Zilber-Smith was a writer/singer/actress/blogger I'd never heard of till now, and now I'm ticked about that.  I hope her family puts together a book from her writings.

"Live the s*** out of your life" - Mac, her 16 year old son writing out an abridged version of her guiding principle in life for her final blog post and eulogy.

Now I want to go out and work on worrying less and having more fun per the suggestions in the eulogy.  And I think Carla would tell me to start making googely eyes at whoever I want; being embarrassed is lame!

It also makes me think about what I would miss most, and what I would regret not doing.  I feel good right now, though, like I'm actively pursuing everything I want to be doing. I'm writing - a lot - even working on my poetry book that I'm putting together and editing, making plans and trusting I'll have fun, even if the plans are by myself, getting up early for runs, reading on my balcony, cooking healthy hippie food, and getting ready to start my job at the Ann Richards School for Girls - which I am BEYOND ecstatic about.  As long as I tell the voice in my head that worries about the growing old alone thing to shut up and shove it, I feel very, very good about where I am and where I'm going.  That's nice, (now if only the flowers I planted would sprout).